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Mallibi Monasterio is a Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author and Real Estate Investor. Her approach focusses on leading companies with awareness, intuition and intention, flowing from a deep inner conscious state to a laser focus managing approach and taking inspired actions in order to create processes that bring success to her business and her clients.

A Journey That Proves That You Can

Manifest Anything That You Put Your Mind To...

When I was in the early stages of my corporate career I was enjoying the process since I was growing, learning and traveling, all of them passions of mine.

By the time I felt the need to move towards the next step: more freedom, build something that was fully mine a make a different impact more aligned to my values I had to go trough a process of self-evaluation, learning and growing mindset, releasing limiting beliefs, and practicing new entrepreneurial skills.

That process took me years to master and now I have the privilege to call myself The CEO of my LIFE, to be in total alignment with my inner self and manifest those things that are important to me, the ultimate mix of financial, location and time freedom all while traveling around the world.

When you know yourself, discover your values and learn to monetize your talents, you become

Ceo of your Life

My mission is to help Individuals such as career professionals, business owners and high achievers who are ready to take the next step, to grow, to align with their inner self, and to fully commit to becoming the CEO of their LIVES.

Regarding to my businesses clients I work with them
implementing more sophisticated methodologies that will help them grow, streamline business processes, implement metrics to improve performance and scale to the next level.

This is why I created the “Be the CEO of your LIFE Program”, where I bring together the two main elements that have been KEY in my personal journey: The Spiritual/Conscious side and the Business side, both of them combined to create a powerful balance that worked for me, and I will be sharing with you.

Winning at Business,
Life, and Love

I have always believed that to have a balanced and successful life you have to be intentional in choosing the right love partner, ultimately this would be the most important partnership of your life. I am soo grateful for having joined forces with Rob 7 years ago, he is a man who’s determination and enthusiasm is just limitless. The two of us together are a real Power Couple, we recognize and bring each other’s strengths to the forefront when needed, we understand the importance of clear communication and most important we never forget to be loving and have fun along the way.

But what does it really mean to be

The Ceo of my Life?

It means choosing your own happiness, living life under your own terms, Getting out of your comfort zone, Improving a part of your life everyday, Mastering the art of saying NO, Living a healthy lifestyle, Choosing growth friends, Developing Good Habits, Building your dreams, Saying NO to negativity and focusing in positivity, Enjoying Life & smiling more, mastering your talents and skills, firing your boss and becoming your own boss!


Learn easy-to-follow frameworks for effectively connecting with family, friends, significant others, and work relationships. This 2 hour online workshop teaches you the core fundamentals of Conscious Communication.


In this 30 day online course, you will learn how to cultivate an intimate connection with your Higher Self, and how to utilize this connection as the gateway to consciously creating the life that you dream of.


Together, we will take a deep dive into your goals and the underlying patterns that have been holding you back. Alyse will share new perspectives and personalized steps to support your awakening. (60min video call on Zoom)



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The Ceo of your Life

I help you eliminate roadblocks, work on your mindset, inner self alignment and business strategies all combined to accelerate the growth, satisfaction and freedom levels that you desire and deserve. I'd like to hear from you!